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Choosing high elf magic weapons.

High Elves have a great selection of magic items in most categories. However, I find the close combat magic weapon options quite disappointing.  Some of them have very similar functions and others are just not better than other options for less points.  Crunching some numbers for the weapons is quite instructive. The table below shows the effectiveness of a high elf prince in one round of combat against a variety of foes (they all assume a higher WS than the opponent). At the top of the table are all the mundane weapon options for comparison- they can all be magic with the amulet of light if ethereal/wood elf targets are likely.

Initially it looks a bit confusing, but if you remember that the more red the better, and light and squishy on the left and big and gribbly on the right. You can easily see that the Blade of leaping gold is good against light infantry but pretty awful against anything tougher.  I will broadly categorise the weapons into the good, the bad and the ugly.

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