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Well, I went to the UK GamesWorkshop gamesday in September. When I compare it to how it used to be in the early 90s it does feel a bit too commercial- it is almost like a shop that you have to pay to get into. It is quite an expensive entry by the time you add up the petrol, £8 parking and £25 entry. Still I suppose it is not that much when you compare it to the costs of the rest of the hobby….

On a slightly brighter note there were a large number of pre-releases and and stuff like the conversions competition which is always fun and the Golden Demon stuff was pretty stunning, maybe I will learn to paint like that one day (but not likely…). Plus who can forget the great forge world stuff?

Forgeworld Reaver titan

The new reaver titan looks pretty good, but I am not sure about the feet- a bit too angular compared to the original Epic. I picked up the new edition of Talisman, the artwork is great and it looks like they may have fixed some of the balance issues.

Will I go next year? Yes, it is still worth it, but I still miss the much more personal feel when it was held in the Derby assembly rooms.. It was a tiny bit smaller too.