…but there is hope

Maybe Arstechnica being bought won’t be too bad. It seems that the current editorial team etc will be staying on and don’t intend to leave. They are also promising expansion and that the forums will remain unchanged. I believe Ken Fisher so things may not be so bleak as I feared.

Will it all be good 3 years from now… I will reserve judgement.

arstechnica bought by wired

Techcruch are reporting that arstechnica (my favourite independent tech site) has been bought by Wired (Conde Nast). I know the guys who run ars (Caesar et al.) have worked very hard for years with little reward so I am happy for them, but I can’t help being concerned about what this will mean for ars’ famous independence. I have been a paid subscriber for more than 4 years because I supported what they were doing- the access to extra parts of the site was secondary. Depending on how things turn out, I may have to re-evaluate this. I am not running around screaming that the house is burning down, but I am a little bit worried.

As for the forums, I fear they will not stay the same. Can anything replace ars?

the wonders of spam filters

Just a quick celebration as my comment spam filter (Akismet) on this  site has reached an important milestone- it has now stopped 1000 spam comments…..

Why does anyone bother? It must be clear by now that they are not getting through, or maybe they don’t care and just spam as many sites as possible.

Spammers suck…

charging problems with the N800

Well, that was quite worrying. My N800 refused to charge last night and it is only a few months old. Of course the incredibly small connector meant that I had nothing I could try instead to work out if the problem was due to the charger or the N800. Rebooting, removing the battery, wiggling the connector all had no effect. Neither did running it down until it would not turn on.

I was all prepared to contact Nokia support today, but I thought I would give it one last try with charging- and it now works. Very strange and annoying.

While I could not find this exact problem online (www.internettablettalk.com is a great resource) , it seems that disconnecting it part way though a charging cycle can cause problems and I did that because I was in a rush yesterday afternoon.  I am guessing that it is linked to the power on problems and that I may have been able to fix it by leaving the battery out for a few minutes. Still, it would be nice to know so I don’t repeat it.

If you see this, and know how you fixed it, please let me know….

Making a Firedragon Exarch

With the (relatively) new Eldar codex, the heavy flamer is an interesting option for the Firedragon Exarch, enabling the squad to be multi-role, something which is quite rare for an Eldar list. The only downside is that there is no model to go with my 2nd Ed. firedragons.

So, here is my attempt at building one out of bits. I am not that good, but that means that you should not have too much problem replicating it if you wanted. Here are the bits I have used:

parts for firedragon exarch

  • A plastic guardian (specifically, the legs, arms and torso front)
  • A firedragon (for the head)
  • The very old Eldar close combat weapon sprue (for the powerfist and fusion gun. If you don’t have one of these, I imagine the modern fusion gun would work, and the powerfist is not really needed)
  • A flamer from a plastic wraithlord (sorry, forgot to get a picture of this. It is mainly needed for the nozzle and it was just what I had lying around).
  • Some greenstuff

…and here is the end product:

Firedragon front view

It is roughly based on the look of the new exarch model, I particularly liked how it carried the heavy flamer.

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my new toy- the Nokia N800 internet tablet

I just picked up a Nokia N800 internet tablet. I know, I know, the N810 is now out, but that means that the N800 has vastly come down in price. I picked it up for £129.99 from www.play.com a pretty good deal. The first thing I did was install the 2008 OS, took about 2 hours to download, so I guess I must not have been the only person doing it.

Here it is showing the home screen:

Nokia N800

You can see the radio, internet radio and rss reader. What you can’t see from here is the fully featured web brower (based on the Gecko engine in Firefox) with Flash 9, video player, and ebook reader to name a few of the more useful functions. It runs linux so we should have support and new software even if Nokia cut it loose.

It even just about fits in my pocket…

40K: Banshees and Scorpions comparison

I have posted an article covering a comparison between Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees in Warhammer 40K under 4th edition. Choosing between the two is a major topic of discussion when making an Eldar army list and hopefully this will help clear things up if you are stuck. If you don’t like numbers (maybe you are in the wrong hobby?) then there is a summary at the end.

You can take a look at it here