Why Space Hulk is a “Limited Release”

As I guess most people know, Games Workshop has stated that the new Space Hulk will be a one time limited release and that there will be no expansions or any extra bits. I was a bit surprised about this decision, but I got the chance to ask Jervis Johnson about it at the UK Games Day.

I will quickly paraphrase our conversation. Basically, GW don’t want to add any more games to their core line up (40K, warhammer and LotR) but still want to be able to release great “stuff” that does not quite fit in with this mission statement. By making it limited edition they can make stuff like Space Hulk and not be tied to ongoing support- everyone understands what this means and won’t expect any content. The card pieces are also really expensive- so I guess the profit margin on this is not that great. I got the feeling (although he did not say so directly) that this would be the only way they could release stuff that did not fit in with their core games- maybe a compromise between the games designers and upper management? Interestingly, Jervis said they may do more stuff like this in future, which would only be good.

How will specialist games fit into this paradigm? I don’t know, but some of them are virtually unsupported anyway. Any thoughts?

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