UK GamesDay 08 (more)

What else was there to see apart from the new codeci and seminars? Well there was a good range of participation games with some very nice boards:

warlord titan board

a full size rhino made from an armoured personnel carrier:

full scale rhino

The only shame is I did not get to see inside it or see it move. It could have just been an external mockup- if I had not seen the photos online of it being converted.  THQ built it to promote dawn of war II. Warhammer online, DOWII and Bloodbowl all had demo/stalls but the queues were so long I did not get to try any of them.

The conversion competition was back again- this time it was a space marine vs ork duel. I really don’t see why they don’t have a proper queuing system- you had to pick someone to stand behind and hope they finish quickly. I had to wait 40 minutes for a seat, the guy next to me gave up and built his kneeling down for 30 mins. Sure  the parts available are a bit inconsistent (I had to wait 15mins for some ork legs) but that is part of the fun. I would personally just settle for a proper queue. I hope they post pictures of the winners somewhere.

Forgeworld had their customary stand full of goodies the new reaver looked stunning in the flesh with a rather nice paint job:

Forgeworld reaver titan

as did the Cobra mark II superheavy grav tank. A great improvement on the rather chunky previous version- much more Eldar feel to it.

Forgeworld Cobra II superheavy grav tank

GW are bringing out a modular plastic gaming board. It will consist of 6 pieces which lock together in a range of ways. It even fits with the GW plastic hills. You can see one of the segments being held up by the guy in the white coat in the background of the land train photo. All three of the boards visible are painted versions of this new board.  It will retail for £100. The land train is great, apparently it it took the builder, Colin Grayson, nearly a year to build it in his spare time- he started it just after the last games day.

Land train and modular terrain boards.

All the standard stuff to buy, plus a stall selling boxes of 4 random blisters for £5. I picked up several and there was an impromtu swap meet just in front of it as everyone improved their selection. As an added bonus I found a “you have won a prize” card in one of my boxes and picked up a limited edition framed Kev Walker print (Black Templar Space Marine). The only downside was having to lug it around all day!

Oh yes, then there was Golden demon.  Some really nice miniatures but it is really hard to get good photos, so here is a small selection of some of the ones that turned out best:

40K single minaiture:

Eldar banner bearer

Templar space marine

Lord of the Rings:


and some large scale figures:

Logan Grimnar


Eldar Harlequin

The only downside about Games Day is that there is never enough time to see and do everything…Ah well nothing is perfect :)

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