Making a Firedragon Exarch

With the (relatively) new Eldar codex, the heavy flamer is an interesting option for the Firedragon Exarch, enabling the squad to be multi-role, something which is quite rare for an Eldar list. The only downside is that there is no model to go with my 2nd Ed. firedragons.

So, here is my attempt at building one out of bits. I am not that good, but that means that you should not have too much problem replicating it if you wanted. Here are the bits I have used:

parts for firedragon exarch

  • A plastic guardian (specifically, the legs, arms and torso front)
  • A firedragon (for the head)
  • The very old Eldar close combat weapon sprue (for the powerfist and fusion gun. If you don’t have one of these, I imagine the modern fusion gun would work, and the powerfist is not really needed)
  • A flamer from a plastic wraithlord (sorry, forgot to get a picture of this. It is mainly needed for the nozzle and it was just what I had lying around).
  • Some greenstuff

…and here is the end product:

Firedragon front view

It is roughly based on the look of the new exarch model, I particularly liked how it carried the heavy flamer.

I quick overview of what I did:

  • The flamer: cut the existing nozzle and fuel cannister off the fusion gun and replace them with the matching parts from the wraithlord flamer. Used some greenstuff to clean up the joins and the “hook” near the nozzle.
  • The head: carefully saw the head off a firedragon. I drilled and pinned it to the body so it would not fall off. The crest was extended using greenstuff- the holes were drilled afterwards with a 1mm drill to match the look of the normal exarch. I reused the headless dragon by matching it with a helmet-less guardian head for a quick and easy conversion.
  • Arms: the powerfist arm from the sprue was straightened by cutting and reattaching the elbow- this is a homage to the now defunct burning fist. The other arm is a standard guardian arm with the hand removed. A new one was sculpted using greenstuff- it is a bit small, but hey, I am sure my next one will be better.
  • Body: This one is a bit more complex. A whole load of greenstuff armour pads were added to the body to give the guardian the more knobbly look of a firedragon. A larger loin cloth was also added to mask the rather boring guardian sash. The back was sculpted using greenstuff (see the pictures below). I roughed it out first and them added the finer details later. The top vents were made from a ball cut in half when dry and holes were drilled using a 0.7mm drill bit. The fusion gun fuel cannister was added to the back of the exarch as a melta bomb.

Here are views of the model from different angles:

firedragon exarch left view
firedragon exarch left view
firedragon exarch left view

I will update this post with a picture of how it looks when painted. Let me know what you think or if you have had any better solutions.

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