Monthly Archives: January 2008

my new toy- the Nokia N800 internet tablet

I just picked up a Nokia N800 internet tablet. I know, I know, the N810 is now out, but that means that the N800 has vastly come down in price. I picked it up for £129.99 from a pretty good deal. The first thing I did was install the 2008 OS, took about 2 hours to download, so I guess I must not have been the only person doing it.

Here it is showing the home screen:

Nokia N800

You can see the radio, internet radio and rss reader. What you can’t see from here is the fully featured web brower (based on the Gecko engine in Firefox) with Flash 9, video player, and ebook reader to name a few of the more useful functions. It runs linux so we should have support and new software even if Nokia cut it loose.

It even just about fits in my pocket…