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wordpress upgrade

I have now upgraded wordpress to 2.5.1. It was a bit tricky, but that may have been due to my less than amazing ftp program. Ah well, hopefully there will now be fewer security holes than before…

Again, if you happen to read this and notice something is a bit odd, let me know.

…but there is hope

Maybe Arstechnica being bought won’t be too bad. It seems that the current editorial team etc will be staying on and don’t intend to leave. They are also promising expansion and that the forums will remain unchanged. I believe Ken Fisher so things may not be so bleak as I feared.

Will it all be good 3 years from now… I will reserve judgement.

arstechnica bought by wired

Techcruch are reporting that arstechnica (my favourite independent tech site) has been bought by Wired (Conde Nast). I know the guys who run ars (Caesar et al.) have worked very hard for years with little reward so I am happy for them, but I can’t help being concerned about what this will mean for ars’ famous independence. I have been a paid subscriber for more than 4 years because I supported what they were doing- the access to extra parts of the site was secondary. Depending on how things turn out, I may have to re-evaluate this. I am not running around screaming that the house is burning down, but I am a little bit worried.

As for the forums, I fear they will not stay the same. Can anything replace ars?

the wonders of spam filters

Just a quick celebration as my comment spam filter (Akismet) on this  site has reached an important milestone- it has now stopped 1000 spam comments…..

Why does anyone bother? It must be clear by now that they are not getting through, or maybe they don’t care and just spam as many sites as possible.

Spammers suck…